OACFP Privileges

Among the many benefits of membership in the OACFP, are the privileges to:

  1. Receive your electronic copy of the association’s quarterly newsletter to keep you informed on consumer issues, industry trends, government legislation, what’s happening around the province, and association activities
  2. Attend regional seminars or workshops throughout the province designed to maintain high operational standards and keep you up-to-date on various topics including cremationist certification, monument restoration, cemetery maintenance and administration, mausoleum operations, funeral home operations and administration, government legislation, and environmental issues
  3. Access to eLearning program.  Generally, we provide six (6) webinars per year on sector-specific issues.
  4. Attend the annual educational conference and learn from professional speakers who will educate you on today’s consumer, changing industry trends, and new maintenance and business procedures
  5. Gain direct access to industry suppliers and new innovative products and services through trade shows and the products and services showcase
  6. Have your name listed in the OACFP website membership directory providing you access to the combined skills and knowledge of fellow members
  7. Have a strong voice in legislation governing the death care industry
  8. Proudly display the OACFP Membership logo in your office, symbolic of the highest professional standards within the death care industry...
  9. OACFP members can receive significant savings through BNA Smart Payment Systems for debit and credit card processing.
  10. OACFP members can save up to 18% on property and auto insurance.
  11. And much, much more.


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