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Cremation & Alternative Processes Equipment & Service

Commercial Burner Maintenance Limited

Commercial Burner Services is a Canadian Company that specializes in the service and installation of cremation and environmental equipment with over 45 years experience in the cremation industry.

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Resomation Ltd


Resomation® is a dignified and respectful water based alternative to burial and cremation with clear environmental benefits. It is the world first such human system used commercially.

Using Alkaline Hydrolysis under pressure at 150C/302F temperatures it has handled over 2000 successful human dispositions over the last three years in the USA producing pure white ash every time.

It is the choice for true professionals and allows respectful family viewing due to its looks and dignified horizontal operation. It is also fast, simple to use due to being highly automated and has many unique safety features integrated into its design to ensure the safest operation.

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